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  • Daily Link Love is a collection of our favorite finds from across the web.  Things we’re lusting after, crushing on, and obsessing over.  If you’d like to submit a suggestion, or if you’d like us to feature a cause or project you’re working on let us know.


    In this motivating guest post, 5 Ways to Turn Fear Into Fuel, by Jonathan Fields on the Zen Habits website, we are reminded that our uncertainty can be crippling. Jonathan, however, shares with us that this does not have to be the case. We can change the way we look at uncertainty and find the other side, which he says is opportunity. He also provides us with 5 beginning steps to overcome the anxiety, stress, and potential failure that come with uncertainty and fear.

    “Uncertainty. It’s a terrifying word. … Like it or not, though, uncertainty is the new normal. We live in a time where the world is in a state of constant, long-term flux. And, that’s not all. If you want to spend your time on the planet not just getting-by, but consistently creating art, experiences, businesses and lives that truly matter, you’ll need to proactively seek out, invite and even deliberately amplify uncertainty. Because the other side of uncertainty is opportunity.”

    The Treasure of an Ordinary Day

    Here in The Treasure of an Ordinary Day, Katrina Kenison reminds us that the power of being mindful and our ability to treasure our lives, to be grateful for what we have, and to appreciate what is in front of us is actually in our choices. She encourages us to slow down, take time, appreciate life and to not miss our own lives as we race through them. She says,

    “But it occurs to me that living mindfully isn’t just about sitting and meditating, or about appreciating a beautiful sunrise. The real practice comes when we are called to keep going even when things aren’t exactly going our way. It’s using what’s at hand, and being ok with that. And so time is generous here, too. … Perhaps the treasure of an ordinary day is always right in front of my nose; all I have to do is decide to see it.”

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